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Photography Tips by Leilosoc

Photography Tips

14 Tips to obtain better results when taking pictures

Images are an important part of the description of a lot at LEILOSOC® Worldwide. Users analyse images in detail before even considering placing a bid. Consequently, good images lead to higher revenues and avoid unsatisfied buyers.

Check out our list of fourteen tips designed to help you create the perfect visual accompaniment for your articles.

• Use adequate lighting

Natural light helps to enhance the details of the articles. Artificial light provided by conventional lamps hides the real colours of the articles and, flash photographs can cause shadows and an unattractive appearance.

• Keep the camera steady

If you move your camera, your images lose their sharpness. Use a tripod or other way to immobilize your camera when shooting.

• Show only items you want to sell

Other objects can distract bidders, diminish the attractiveness of the item in question and, cause confusion as to what is included in the lot. Any other objects appearing in the image must be as neutral as possible.

• Use a neutral background

A neutral, uniform background helps your lot stand out. Consider using a sheet, a paper bag, or a sheet of paper.

• Take pictures from all sides

Bidders want to see as many details as possible. Therefore, you should always include images of the front, back, top, and bottom of your item. For paintings, use an unframed photograph as your main image!

• Make sure items are presentable and clean

To display your lot at its best, it is worth cleaning it properly before taking photographs.

• Use neutral reference points

For items of unusual or irregular dimensions, include a scale reference in the photograph, such as a tape measure. The reference should not detract from the item in question.

• Faithfully represent the conditions of the article

Signs of wear and tear and minor damage must be mentioned in the description and shown very clearly. Thus, bidders can assess the condition of the item and the possibility of restoration/repair in complete transparency.

• Choose the right camera

A digital camera is much better than a smartphone camera for taking close-up pictures.

• Your best photograph is your business card

On the auction page, the first image you have selected will be used as the main image for your item. This is the image used to get attention, so make sure it shows your article in the best possible light.

• Don't leave anything out

If your lot includes more than one item, add at least one image that displays the lot as a whole. And that includes manuals or certificates!

• Avoid self-portraits

Use caution when taking photographs of items with reflective surfaces or reflective backgrounds.

• Don't make colour adjustments

Digital processing of your photographs should be limited to correcting the angle and reframing the image. Never adjust colours.

• Represent relevant details

Bidders pay close attention to marks and stamps, serial numbers, signatures/autographs, markings, labels, tags, etc. include images of this type to distinguish features.

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